Special Guest Post: by Abbey Hendrickson


It’s my last day as a Special Guest here at Poppytalk and I’ve had a great time! Many thanks to Jan for being such a gracious hostess! On my last day I leave you with one of my favorite trends. It may be old news, but I am madly in love with everything folksy. I found the tray above at a thrift store and let out a little yell of happiness. If it has a strange little couple holding hands on it…I want it! Windmills? Sign me up.

Image #20 I’m not kidding when I say that it took everything I had in me not to snag these two finds from etsy seller Modish Vintage. (I know…let everyone else have a turn, Abbey)

Image #21
Mara Murphy and Anna Branning of dutch door press are putting a new spin on things with their equally irresistible line of folk-inspired stationary.


Perhaps we can store all of our cards and vintage finds in this cabinet by Lucas Rise (that I originally saw on Design Milk). Oh, and we should definitely keep the cabinet in this amazing barn (photo by RandomConnections). I think that’s the perfect solution, don’t you?


Thanks again, Jan. And thanks to all of you too! You’re welcome to come and visit me any time…just don’t forget the red wine.

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Editor's Note: A HUGE thank you Abbey for a great week, I really enjoyed your posts and points of view!

Jan Halvarson


Jan said...

I live in the heart of PA Dutch country in southeastern PA. I went antiquing yesterday and found 2 adorable folk-art tablecloths. I didn't buy them, but I posted about them here. Good stuff! Thanks for showing these other items, too!

Juddie said...

Oh! I'm totally with you on the folk art thing - So irresistable!

lisa solomon said...

abbey's posts were really great... thanks!