Special Guest Post: by Abbey Hendrickson

DAY 4: Vintage Etsy

I’m a sucker for aesthetics and old graphic tins (that’s part of my collection above). While I can certainly find great things on ebay, I always find myself drawn more to the artful way that the vintage goods on etsy are photographed. It’s like having a ton of artsy friends who are always showing you great thrift scores. Here are some fun tins from some of my favorite vintage etsy sellers…

IMAGE #17 (clockwise from top left) Sirkus, dead bird finds, Vintage Goodies, and White Elephant Vintage

(clockwise from top left) Abigail Vintage, Urbanestics, blue bell bazaar, and Sweet Rice

My husband is begging you to run to etsy and snag all of the loveliest tins!

aesthetic outburst
how now design

Jan Halvarson

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Acorn + Archer said...

Doesn't it amaze you how once you have something vintage, you notice it more?! I have the bottom tin from your collection except it is in white...I love it so much, with all the little images of life in those times around it...especially the family in the swimming costumes!