Renegade Craft Fair Brooklyn - Day 1: covered by Katherine of kg & ab


The day started out super hot. By the time the fair opened at 11am we had all already broken out in a major sweat. I can't begin to explain how hot it was. We were dousing the dog and baby with water to keep them cool! After a busy, hot morning/early afternoon, I left our table to Mr. AB and decided to check out the rest of the goings on - in search of great booths and great stuff. I was very excited to browse the fair and meet some fellow crafters (especially fellow poppytalkhandmade marketeers) Here are a few stalls that caught my eye:

Dear Birthday ( - they make very sweet underpants and tops and accessories. The work was so very nice - the fabrics are unique and the colors are great - and their stall was super well put together. Their burlap sign is impressive -(complete with a unicorn) and they even had a changing room to try things on.


Sycamore Street Press ( had a fantastic set up and incredible paper goods. Smaller items were displayed in milk glass containers and pyrex and she used vintage suitcases to show items as well. The cards and paper goods are in the sweetest pinks, greens,browns - so very nice! You have to check out the photo mattes, too.


So then it began to sprinkle (notice how the photos have that pre-rain haze?), and right as I am talking to Sycamore Street Press about paper goods at fairs in the rain (what a pain that must be), it starts pouring. Wouldn't you know it. I run back to our stall - where we were trapped for about 2 and a half hours in the rain and lightning and thunder and flooding. Super Maggie was across from us and they kept having to push on their tent top to keep the water from collecting and sagging the tent. A super few donned ponchos and were browsing (maybe three people), but most everyone totally huddled in a tent and waited it out. It was crazy. Our stall totally flooded - at one point we had about two inches of water in it. Needless to say, by the time the downpour eased up most all had either already taken off, or were in the process.

download-3down our "row" - you can see the rain drops!

download-4Coco, our kg + ab mascot with our piles of junk that had to come out from under our table when our booth flooded! It was so crazy.

I will be back tomorrow with a (hopefully) much drier report, and (definitely) more artists and stalls! Only two stalls today! geesh!

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