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I love online magazines (I hope it's the future for magazines in a lot of ways), and some have really taken that step forward embracing the internet and have created a great online presence. In fact, there are some print publications which are also available online. Some give you cover to cover (free and by subscription), others mini-versions or in other cases, teasers. Nonetheless, when you're looking for a little inspiration, or just a break, browsing through a magazine or catalogue online can be rather relaxing. I especially like the ones that give you that virtual page turning experience. Here's just a few.

Elemente, a Canadian magazine that focuses on architectural highlights, key players, products, designs and emerging trends. This one is cover to cover and truly a little nugget online.

Click here and then click on "Issue #8 is Live!. This digital version was made possible by a Canadian company out of Ontario called Zegapi. They make the best online magazine web interface I've seen.

Canadian House and Home, a Canadian shelter magazine. (Both full version by subscription and sample version - free). With their sample digital version, they don't let you see cover to cover, but they do give a really nice sample each month. (I subscribe to the full digital version, which I love - it comes a few days before it's actually on newstands). Click here or go to then click on "magazine" in their navigation bar, go to "digital edition" (a second navigation just below the first). Then click on "Get a free preview". Note to bloggers: This digital version is a blogger's dream as it has hot links everywhere.

Sposa, a Canadian wedding magazine. Click here to view along with two of their most recent back issues.

Another publication digitalized by Zegapi

Domino Magazine, which many of you who probably read here know, they have a great online presence. Although they don't let you see cover to cover, I do like their "peek inside" for each new issue giving a little teaser of what's there. Plus they just have a real great resourceful website.

Small Magazine, a magazine (online only I believe) all about small things (for our little ones). Cover to cover. Click here to see.

Jan Halvarson

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Fiona Cartolina said...

Yay for Canadian House and Home!
Consistently a beautiful collection of fabulous things for our homes - great layout and design. And you're right, the digital version is brilliantly done.