an infusion of tea and art


i went to a strawberry tea this past week. i wished i would've taken pictures now, but if you can imagine red gingham tablecloths, stawberry decorations with words written on each strawberry seed, pink flowers, strawberries everywhere with pink colored yoghurt dip, chocolate nanaimo bars, cookies, white fluffy cake with pastel pink, white and green butter frosting and lots of ladies chatting. funny thing, but i don't remember the china (strange from such a visual person as me). it's all a blur now after all that sugar, but i certainly would've remembered if i was sipping out of such beautiful pieces as these hand-painted found pottery objects by london's esther coombs. each unique tea cup or plate is hand painted with ceramic ink to create unique mini-sets or individual pieces. an infusion of tea and art. i love the first one (above) with the drawn tea bag inside the cup. there's more to see at her etsy shop or at



Jan Halvarson


Unknown said...

I can not believe how beautiful these pieces of china are!
I drink coffee not tea but with these cups I could change to tea easily!

Di Overton said...

I love her work. Makes me proud to be English

Catherine said...

I was just admiring some of these pieces on Etsy - love the special touches of artwork.

carla said...

Very unique. If I owned them, they would be my special tea set.

Racheal said...

what is ceramic ink?

Sarah's Fab Day said...

I LOVE these!!! They are so fun and I'm off to her Etsy shop right now, thanks.

Nancy said...

These are lovely!

*PhAbYA* said...

hey the cup "more tea?" is fantastic, mekes me remember Alice in wonderland!


lisa solomon said...