book review: at a crossroads, by kate t. williamson

i first came across kate's work "a year in japan" earlier this year, where i so much enjoyed her writing and illustrations about spending a year abroad after college, so i was delighted when princeton architectural press sent me her latest book, at a crossroads to review. being a visual person, i love graphic novels, and this one i thought was the perfect book to relate to if you're experiencing "life after college, before you've found your niche" or just after graduating from college and are temporarily living at home with your parents. it's filled with kate's subtle wit and expressive illustrations where she discovers the beauty and truth of an experience many of us go through, but rarely discuss.

At a Crossroads: Between a Rock and My Parents' Place
Kate T. Williamson
ISBN 9781568987149
princeton architectural press

Jan Halvarson

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Jessie Cacciola said...

love the cover and the concept. I'm anticipating this distress in a couple years, being the worry wort that I am, so this is just what I need. Thanks for the great find.
- Jessie -