the art of the display: Kate Banazi

Name: Kate Banazi
Shop Name: and
Poppytalk Handmade: Table 10
City: Sydney

The two photos above are from our living room which is a big open plan room but actually doesnt have that much light , just so it stays cooler in the summer. The first picture shows from left to right a wedding gift from our friends Lisa Jones and Ed Underwood ( who designed and screenprinted it for my husband and I (always useful as I'm rubbish at remembering dates, even my own wedding day). The next was a wedding gift from another screenprinter friend, Kate Gibb ( and the third is by our favourite poster printers Aesthetic Apparatus ( I collect their prints like normal women collect shoes. The lights are from habitat. The big striped print is also a Kate Gibb and the smaller print underneath the clock, is one of mine.... yup, a screenprint.

The picture above is the mess-tip of a room where I work. I've got pictures and screenprints of my family and paintings that belonged to my great grandmother who was a big influence on me. The abstract in the centre is an ebay find that I love, and the tree print is by Jan Pienkowski from the 1970s. My mother worked for Jan for a long time at his company Gallery 5 as an illustrator ( The box frame contains a diorama that my son made for his dad, of them both scuba diving. Its beautiful and you can check out more of his fantastic drawings at

ppy hall

The Hallway outside my bedroom has a picture of Lord Krishna that belonged to my grandmother. The bells and birds draped over the picture are from Pune, India, which I bought when my sister and I went there to say goodbye to our grandmother before she died. The dog sits outside our door in the morning and rings the bell when he needs to go out for a pee! The photograph propped up against the wall was a gift from Kate Gibb and is by Corinne Day. Its been propped up against the wall for a year and a bit since we moved here from London. I imagine it won't move on to a wall and will remain propped up until we either move house or move back to London. We are nothing if not consistent in our dithering!

Thanks Kate!

Jan Halvarson


Camilla said...

OOh I love Jan Pienkowski, his work just reminds me of reading all my favourite books back in the 70s. I'd love to own a piece of his work.

Capree said...

I love Kate's work! Thanks for featuring such a great artist!