reform school student of the month


All the way from Fiji, Reform School's Student of the Month are a limited edition of hand-painted, silk-screened Fijian Baby Zaishus stools produced through the TribeWanted Project. It's a portable, simplified seat/table/box that slots together without nails, screws or glue. The Zaishu project is an international collaborative event, recording patterns, designs and cultural texture from around the world on sheets of plantation grown veneer.


The TribeWanted project is a community-based tourism program that works closely with the Mali tribe where the TribeWanted members spend time on the island learning about the traditions of Fiji, and sharing their knowledge on what it means to be green. Each month, the TribeWanted membership elects a “chief” who is given a small budget with which to take on a legacy project. Kaz Brecher, an LA-based visual artist, approached Zaishu and Reform School a year ago about collaborating on this project. As the elected April Chief, she set out to work with the tribes to produce a limited edition of 50 Baby Zaishu chairs. These one-of-a-kind functional art objects, printed with water-based inks, are exclusively for sale through Reform School, with all proceeds benefiting the Mali District School, supporting arts and sustainability education.


Jan Halvarson


ThePeachTree said...

Absolutely gorgeous. Between the colors and the design.... wow.

lisa solomon said...

wow that sounds so cool...