kaija rautiainen @ circle craft


i was completely mesmerized by these tapestries when i passed by them this weekend at circle craft on granville island here in vancouver. natural images (bear encounters) is the latest exhibition by finland-born artist, kaija rautiainen. using a digital jacquard loom, kaija then hand weaved the images she took while sailing on the west coast and skiing in the mountains. being close to the natural elements which she has held dear to her since childhood has become the inspiration for these works.

the exhibition is on until june 3, 2008. Circle Craft, 1 - 1666 Johnston Street, Net Loft Granville Island, Vancouver, B.C.

Jan Halvarson

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Fiona Cartolina said...

Really lovely. I like both of them a lot especially the deer antler. I don't think I have ever seen anything quite like these. I thought you were going to say that they were contemporary west coast native art.....I don't know that I would have guessed that they were Finnish.......but now I know!
I love hanging out in the Netloft on Granville Island - there's always something new and interesting to look at.