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christa from letteria out of switzerland was kind enough to send us a few pictures of her inspiration boards from a post i did a while back. if you haven't seen her work yet, please take a look. it's very inspirational in itself., and here's a description of her boards in her words. (thanks christa!)

in my small office, where i share two businesses (a small graphic-design-company and the letteria-letterpress studio), i have three inspiration boards. i use them for samples and to show some snippets, small pieces, cards, papers and more. they are there for creating a color-ambiance to inspire me for upcoming projects. my favorite materials for these boards are simple, calm colored snippets from different magazines, special haptic papers, little items with my own history (perhaps a small silver box from my grandfather who has passed away), also some pictures which i take, prints from inspiring websites, and many more. these inspiration boards are the "living"-part of my office: practically each week i remove something and put new items on it.


as you can see, i have two different types of inspiration boards: the small one ( is a white wall where i put some papers on with little photo-glue. the other ( are showel-stacks from ikea, which are perfect for hanging things with lovely clips and to put other items above them.

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Jan Halvarson


lisa solomon said...

really lovely

Unknown said...

excellent and truly inspiring...