happy weekend!


i just received my milk bottles from three potato four yesterday which was so fun to open with all the care that was taken with the packaging including the custom boxes and labels. i absolutely love them! (they are offering free domestic shipping for mother's day - click here for details).

i'm off for the weekend (but hope to do a couple studio space posts, trying to catch up), but just posting a few reminder's of what's going on this weekend. the royal bison in edmonton, (thanks amanda, who will be selling prints there); got craft? here in vancouver, and seconds at fourth & clay, san francisco. have a good weekend!

Jan Halvarson


lisa solomon said...

happy weekend to you!

Emma said...

Ooooh I have had my eye on those milk bottles ever since they came out! Must have been super exciting to finally get your hands on those beautiful babies. What are your plans for them?

Jan Halvarson said...

hey lisa, thanks!

emma - they look so nice on my kitchen shelf, and i'd love to pour milk out of them!