gearing up for a picnic


summer is on the way they say, and this weekend marks the first long one here in canada and unofficially our start of picnic season for the next couple of months. canada celebrates the queen's birthday (queen victoria) still and the may long weekend, as it's become more casually known, is a time to pull out all the summer gear and head out (weather permitting) for a camp out or if that's not possible, at least to a park for a leisurely picnic. i've been eyeing those bamboo plates and cutlery that's out there now and on my hunts for a portable bar-b-que, I came across some more things to add to my wishlist.

1. table in a bag
2. bamboo veneerware
3. painted rose beach basket
4. mini grill in cooler bag
5. banana leaf picnic basket
6. ladak blanket, (via bloesem)

7. metro picnic basket
8. preserve flatware
9. cricket stripe seat cushion
10. hudson bay company point blanket
11. diana camera

Jan Halvarson


Anonymous said...

Great post! I'd never heard of a dinana camera before, now I want to add that to my holga collection! I love the simplicity of all the items in this post.

lisa solomon said...

oh yeah. let's go picnic! :)

Julie said...

Those bamboo plates would be perfect for a summer dinner on the patio too!

AMM blog said...

This is fun! I love the table in a bag & the Diana camera! Great post!!

Design Scouting said...

I love picnics. They are the best part of summer!

alice said...

the vintage diana is so pretty! i love the color.