affordable art - summer print trio's

today i was thinking about how they say with decor, if you love it, it will work in your space no matter what the style. and then i started thinking about my art collection. each piece i love, but i don't think they always work together in one place. as i was gathering items here for an affordable art post, i started thinking differently about art that works together than i usually do. i set them out in trio's. with a summer theme.

hello summer3, print, cathy nichols, $28

blue sky & clouds, polaroid transfer, she hit pauses studio, $85

brighton bathing girl, print, kirby, $18

pool side divided, (giclee print), by leah giberson, $50

summer birches print, print, budan art, $18

dream of light, oil painting, november moon, $150

ete, original signed print, elle moss, $25

four little ladies, print, laura george, $20

fireweed, fine art print, irene suchocki, $30

michelle goes swimming, original painting, amanda blake art, $85

three surfers, original 8x8 TTV photograph, susannah tucker, $17.50

how to become a mermaid, print, jessica gonacha, $15

Jan Halvarson


Leah said...

Oooooh.... I love these trios! Isn't that amazing how well they work together? Beautifully done!

Shopping's My said...

what a fantastic post - i would never think of trios from different artists, but you've grouped them so beautifully! i especially love the yellow.

poppy, you've done it again...thanks for the constant inspiration!

FreddieGirl said...

What a great idea! Thanks, Poppy! And the art is beautiful. A wonderful Monday morning treat.

lillie said...

i love it! not only are they gorgeous works & combinations -- but they make me so eager for the summer season!!

Jessie Cacciola said...

great post! If it weren't for affordable art, I'd be making everything my self. =)
- Jessie -

Leah said...

love these collections you put together!!

Cathy said...

Lovely display of work. You have an amazing blog and I am looking forward to browsing some of the other great blogs you have listed.

Unknown said...

You have made a great work!
I love the first combination

Joanna Goddard said...

very cute. xo

Jan Halvarson said...

thank you everyone for your generous and kind comments!

Cathy Nichols Art said...

What a wonderful, creative curation of summer trios! And I just stopped by Poppy Talk today to browse -- and was happily surprised to see my "Hello Summer" print here! Thank you so much!!!

dee said...

They look made for each other...all the lovely sets. Like Jack, Janet, and Chrissy Snow.