what's on your inspiration board? douglas jones

Dougs board3

continuing on the inspiration board series, we're thrilled to share canadian artist, douglas jones' board today and explained by his wife, cartolina card's, fiona richards:

Artist: Douglas Jones
Website: www.douglasjones.com

Doug likes to keep figurative objects around him for inspiration because most of his illustration is human figure-based. He likes to keep inspiration right in front of him when he is drawing and really likes "timeless" vintage imagery, rather than images that are stuck in a specific era. The images on his wall are from some of his favourite illustrators including Jean Dupas and Rockwell Kent. He likes to keep vintage comic and magazine covers close by and he also collects miniature figures, animals etc., which he photographs to help him visualize figures in weird angles.

Dougs board2

Jan Halvarson

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Linda said...

I love Doug Jones work. Its great to see what gives him inspiration.