the science of culture

the folks over at five and a half couldn't resist jumping on the vintage bandwagon, as they told me today and have created the science of culture exercise books set. three very skinny exercise books, each filled with 25 blank pages of sugarcane paper. pastel paper covers printed with our original designs pairing vintage images with sage quotes from "the science of culture" (a stuffy book on etiquette published in 1923). each set comes wrapped in a recycled kraft paper package. these little booklets are a fun side project they cooked up before they officially launch their new spring/summer 08 collection of signature photo-cover journals, which are coming soon!

Jan Halvarson


Sarah's Fab Day said...

I love their journals, thank you for turning me on to them.

Babelfish said...

These are beautiful, looking forward to the new s/s collection.