phm studio spaces: hayley gardiner (poppyseeds)

Hayley Sewing

Artist Name: Hayley Gardiner
Shop Name and Url: PoppySeeds,
Poppytalk Handmade: Table 112
City: Phoenix

Where in your home/apartment/city is your studio located?
In our office/den of our home. It is pretty much where my girls and I spend most of our day. My 2 year old draws at her table and plays make believe while I sew and work on the computer. My 9 month old crawls around on the floor getting into everything.


What equipment/tools do you use?
The most basic Singer sewing machine that you can buy. I think it costs around $70. My mom got it for me 6 years ago and I'm currently saving for a major upgrade. I use plenty of needles, thread, thimbles, (my fingers were getting pretty sore), and I'm armed with a glue gun.

Do you have an inspiration board, and can you tell us what is inspiring you now?
I wish I had a beautiful inspiration board full of fabulous photos and prints, but let's just say that mine is a work in progress.

How do you create best (e.g. do you listen to music while you create and if so what?)
Listening to a couple of my favorite playlists that have a combination of classic songs as well as what I have recently downloaded.


List (3) of your favorite artists:
Oh, I have so many. Right now it's probably Studio Globe,
Modica Design
and Lucy's Place

If yours isn't, what would be your perfect studio?
Somewhere with tall bright walls, huge windows, wood floors, and loads of fabric. Oh, and with a beautiful Bernina sewing machine like the one my grandmother owns. I really do like where I'm at now, though.

Thanks! Hayley


Jan Halvarson

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