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Artist Name: Claire Elizabeth Platt
Shop Name and Url: Claire Elizabeth: Embroideries
City: London, England

Where in your home/apartment is your studio located?
I recently moved back in with parents after finishing my studies and subsequently my studio is based on what sometimes seems like the world’s smallest desk in my tiny little bedroom! My embroideries themselves are pretty mobile which is quite handy so I like to take them around with me so I’m not always so restricted with space! My desk and shelves tend to get quite messy and have piles of miscellaneous items hiding amongst my work.

What equipment/tools do you use?
Lots of different needles and threads. I tend to use medium-heavy weight fabrics to support the embroidery and I adore using sequins and beads! I like flexi-hoops to hold my pieces. On occasion I may use my sewing machine, but I prefer to work by hand generally.


Do you have an inspiration board, and can you tell us what is inspiring you now?
At the moment I’m particularly fascinated with Military Aircraft’s so I’m trying to surround myself with recognition guide books, my own drawings and photographs I’ve taken at airfields and museum. I’m quite keen to incorporate more cross-stitch into my work so I’ve been practising with those cute mini cross-stitch kits you can get!

How do you create best (e.g. do you listen to music while you create and if so what?)
I absolutely love listening to music when I’m working! I got a digital radio last year so I can pick up lots of different stations, which is quite fun! I’m currently enjoying Yael Naim’s album very much, I also quite like listening to the spoken-word programmes on BBC radio 4.


List (3) of your favourite artists
Three was difficult especially as I seem to change my mind a lot; I spilled over a little…

Jill Bliss
Lizzie Finn
Lisa Solomon

Particularly their knitted rabbit piece situated in Italy, which is so big in size, you it can be seen from outerspace!

Jeffrey Milstein

If yours isn't, what would be your perfect studio?
I would love to have either a separate/spare room in a house that I could use solely as a studio, though currently I would happily settle for a large desk space… and perhaps a nice big bookshelf!

Thanks Claire!


Jan Halvarson

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