i came across this cute little etsy shop called, nice today by caitlin holcomb. she makes these adorable shades using carefully chosen assortments of vintage and found handmade doilies. this shade shown (above) and named, bouquet has a selection of colors that bring to mind a handpicked garden bouquet. the smaller doilies have a bit of silver thread woven into them for a tiny bit of sparkle. also in this photo, a couple sweet wood burning wall art pieces with acrylics. a couple others that caught my eye shown below: daisy chain shade and hooray banner.


Jan Halvarson


amy korngiebel said...

i absolutely love the "hooray" poster. hoo-ray! nice find. / caitlin said...

oh my gosh jan i just had such a long day (not a bad one, but an oh-so-tiring one) so when i sat down to relax and go through my blog-reader this post was kinda surreal at first haha..what a wonderful surprise! i am honestly dizzy with excitement! thank you so much. -caitlin

tyler said...

the lampshades are so clever. what a sweet way to reclaim all those vintage fabrics and trims. thanks for the find. and i love the idea below peeking at inspiration boards -- creative nourishment!