mother's day gift guide (part 2) papergoods

it's always fun to do a papergoods post, and it seems like it's been a while. so i'm happy to post about all the amazing mother's day cards i've been spotting at the market this past weekend. they're a great addition to the mother's day guide i'm putting together and the images have to be posted big to get the full feel for these (hence the longer post). they are just a sampling of the many papergoods featured this month which can be checked out under the papergoods category.

cartel, 2008 mother's day apron - 1papered together

modern printed matter


two guitars

turtle papers

cabin + cub

jengs shop

mom_glambellis studios

Jan Halvarson

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ThePeachTree said...

They are all so uniquely beautiful. I just love tellulah's card :)