domestic bliss


uk designer, julie haslam designed these cotton graphic napkins and other domestic items such as aprons, tea towels and ironing board covers all inspired by her grandmother's handwritten recipe book and other vintage images. click here to see the rest of her domestic bliss collection. (via shine via remodelista).



Jan Halvarson


Eleanor said...

These are so beautiful. I am going to add them to my wedding gift list. I am always seeing scraps of paper with beautiful writing on, wondering what I could do with them. Beautiful!

Anonymous said...

Oh, I love this! I like bringing a little creativity into the mundane.

L.S. said...

The coolest napkins I've seen in a long time. Love them!

Lulu said...

these are great napkins! i was lucky enough to have got 6 of them fas a wedding present from my husband last year - they really are a great table addition and really cause a stir!

if julie the designer is reading this - we got them frmm the big Chill - we had a stall next to you!

lisa solomon said...

how much do i love this?