the anonymous photo project

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the anonymous photo project is a vancouver-based project where disposable cameras are left in public places around the world for people to find. then, hopefully, they take pictures and mail the camera back, using the self-addressed stamped envelope. they develop the pictures and post them on the project website:

it's a project of discovery, and chance. people come across the packages by chance, and, if they're willing, they join the project. they don't know who takes the pictures, and they don't know who the project person is.

so far, 97 cameras have been placed around the world, and 26 have made it back. click here to see the results!

8 (camera no. 25 - roads end state park, lincoln city, oregon, u.s.a. - the first camera returned)

Jan Halvarson

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Sarah's Fab Day said...

I LOVE this idea, I'm totally doing it! Thanks for the post, such a wonderful idea.