80 years of chatelaine


i picked up the 80th anniversary issue of chatelaine magazine (canada's first magazine for women) over the weekend, drawn in by all the different covers they had on the cover (below image). an amazing array of illustration, typography and photography throughout the years. i'm drawn towards the 1940's and 50's mostly for the cursive and decorative type. here is a link to the cover gallery and if you wish to investigate further, there's some interesting articles through the decades they posted online here.


Jan Halvarson


Fiona Cartolina said...

Thanks for posting this Jan, I thought it was really interesting too.

orange you lucky! said...

I had no idea they were around for this long. I'll have to pick up that copy.

Aimz said...

hi there, I came here through another blog link, just saying hi and I'm glad you're posting about old magazines, I love reading them myself :-)