sxsw coverage

every year i want to make it down for the sxsw conference and festival, and as i grow older that dream seems to dwindle a little bit further down the priority list. but if you're like me, there's a few places that you can go to to listen and have a glimpse online as to what's going on there. the above images (top) "while most people were tapping away on laptops, wisconsin designer, mike rohde was taking notes the new old-fashioned way, with a moleskine sketchbook and a non-digital pen". (view the entire set here) via sxsw blog. and below that an image from beth's urban outfitter's coverage. i'm loving their stage background with the colored fluorescent lights and wall treatment while uk singer/songwriter, emmy the great performed. here's a few more links:
urban outfitter's link
web award winners
cbc radio3
threadbanger's coverage

and this just added (sunday eve):

Jan Halvarson


Unknown said...

Wow, it boggles my mind why I am here in Austin, living only a few minute drive from downtown... and I am at home with my sleeping babies while my husband works, during SXSW!!!

So sad :(

tara said...

Awesome -- I'm at SXSW right now! Check my blog for daily updates:

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the mention! Glad you liked the sketchnotes. ;-)

lisa solomon said...

let's meet there next year !

Unknown said...

Sounds great! :-)