snowhome is a cool little shop out of the u.k. with a unique collection of hand-picked items from smaller manufacturers and emerging designers from around the world. i came across their site recently and have been thinking about these three things since. birdhouse cuckoo clock, beech triplex plywood moose and the very clever conceal shelf. all available here.

Jan Halvarson


orange you lucky! said...

I'm totally cuckoo for this cuckoo clock! This would fit perfectly in my house! Just perfect! Thanks.

Bhavna Bhatnagar said...

Love the conceal shelf!

Alison said...

I work in Snowhome and it's great to see us featured on here!
Thanks for the post.

We can send out to all over the world so would be more than happy to send your birdhouse cuckoo/ moose head/ conceal shelf......... to wherever you are.
Have a look at our website for more hand-picked products.

Mrs.French said...

I want/need a cuckoo clock! This one is perfect!

Anonymous said...

Oh I love Snowhome (and Gillygate for that matter), thrilled to know that they sell by mail order. One of the downers from leaving the North East from London is not getting to shop in York as much as I would love to.

lisa solomon said...

love the floating books. could you imagine organizing your books by color using those? installation!