pre-historic finds

okay. let's just say i'm on a bit of a dinosaur kick. so i did a little digging on that never-ending site and dug up a few fossil-like things. (above: manhattan skyline original polaroid transfer by butcher walsh).

1. flat notecards w/stickers from saratams
2. velociraptor ring made from fossilized dinosaur bone from jessitaylor
3. ugh, not another ice age print by monocol

4. dinosaur park snowdome notecards by runamok
5. dinosaur fine art photo by friendlymade
6. fossil ammonite necklace by jessitaylor
7. terradactyl mount wall art pteranodon by snew

8. protoceratops bracelet by tomorrow girl
9. t-rex mask print by matty8080
10. dinosaur push pins from simple song designs
11. gyptosaur skull by clair adams

Jan Halvarson


Claudia Schmid said...

Great blog, love your images and content!

Katherine Claire DeMoss said...

the cool factor of dinosaurs have sure stood the test of time, right? i like this awesome collage:


by Nettie and Matches


Jan Halvarson said...

thanks claudia,

katie - cute link.

Anonymous said...

Hello all,

The link on my Manhattan Skyline takes you to a sold out order. Not true. Try this.

It's really really great to be blogged by poppytalk.


FriendlyMade Photos said...

I love your blog! Thanks for plugging my dinosaur photo. It's an honor to be included among such talented artists.