misha handmade wallpapers


gorgeous silk hand-painted wallpapers coming out of italy from misha founded by interior designer, chiara enrico. the new china collection (available april 2008) incorporates traditional chinese designs and ancient techniques into a modern series of flowers, plants and birds.


Jan Halvarson


Gemma said...

I love your blog! Your post invites me to paint my room wall, full of flowers, and I done.

Best regards from Barcelona!


Enzie Shahmiri said...

I grew up with wall paper and prefer the textured wall. But I still think that the right wall paper as an accent can do wonders in a home. These are beautiful designs.

Curly Girl Glass said...

these are gorgeous! they look like they should be framed, not pasted onto the wall.

Anonymous said...

Waoooooo, the Misha wallppars are so romantic!!!

lisa solomon said...

so lush!