affordable art at green pop!

three polaroid prints from yellow owl workshop, $45.50

kids and birds collage wood panel by cabin + cub, $25

close to home, original ink drawing, susan schwake, $18

skyscraper print by seaspray blue, $17

butterflies painting by dolan geiman at modish handmade goods, $45

living in the trees cut paper illustration by patricia zapata for a little hut

rest your weary head by wolfie and the sneak, $18

mom, this is the friend i told you about, by hide n seek, $11

blue bird, wood bird series, by dripstick, $25

tin art - voyages, by little black rabbit, $40

Jan Halvarson


lisa solomon said...

again... too tempting

patricia zapata said...

The Blue Bird and the Skyscraper Print are my favorites!

Thanks so much for mentioning my Living in the Trees piece! :)

Manon said...

OMG I just love them all!

Anonymous said...

You always find lovely artwork!!!! I love these.