the souvenir shop

this past weekend motherbrand's the souvenir shop opened for a permanent spot at the gladstone hotel after it's successful debut at last year's come up to my room event. i wrote about this over the weekend and now see their online shop is up and happening as well. so us canucks (and those who love our canadian ways) can line up online to purchase items featuring the often overlooked carrier of meaning, the souvenir. click here to visit.

{clockwise from top left: stitched veneer postcard, twig warmers (broach), today's special placements,endangered structures pillows and clockwise below: timpins (badges to look like donut holes - a spoof on a canadian favorite "timbits"), one in a thousand print and write me a letter (lumberjack envelopes).

Jan Halvarson


trendinsights said...

love those envelopes!

sugarandcream said...

This site is very fun (now I am a Safari user! they didn't seem to like explorer or firefox).

The Trudeau Dolls on this website crack me up, they are hilarious.

The Noisy Plume said...

the lumberjack envelopes are a must.
i'm a canadian living in arizona and anything that makes me feel closer to home is crucial to my day to day hapiness.
a very good find poppy:)

Anonymous said...

That little twig brooch is simply perfect - hats off to whoever came up with such an original idea.

lisa solomon said...

so darling