Collecting: Victoria of sfgirlbybay (Vintage Fabrics)

more collecting from south of the border, another installation from fellow design blogger, victoria of sfgirlbybay. i loved all these vintage fabrics she collects and asked if she would share them here:

why you collect these items and how your collection started?
I've been collecting vintage fabrics, drapery panels, tablecloths, dish towels, etc. for years now. I just love the vibrant colors, kitschy patterns and the happy feeling they give me. I think it's my inner domestic goddess coming out that drives me to collect these fabrics. I like sewing with them - making pillows has been easy, but now that I am learning a few more sewing skills my hope is to design skirts, dresses and summer tops from them.

how do you display them or would like to display them?
I have them stacked in bowls, and on vintage trays, and hanging in my kitchen. I have my favorite piece made into a pillow with red pom-poms that I added centered on my bed. I have used that particular piece of fabric in many incarnations - I used it as a window panel on the glass pane in my old front door, as a throw on my bed and now as a pillow, and since it's a large panel, I am planning to make a summer top from it.

what are your favorite pieces in the collection, is there anything unique?
I don't think so, but I love my aprons and wear them whenever I am playing hostess. It's fun and glams up an outfit, in a June Cleaver kinda way.

what piece are you most looking for, and what piece would complete your collection?
It's really just an ongoing collection that i add to whenever I hit the flea market. I rarely leave there without an apron, or a vintage tablecloth. They just make me happy.

Jan Halvarson


bugheart said...

so lovely!

Anonymous said...

Gorgeous fabric collections! Right up my alley!

Anonymous said...

My mom does this! She has her own line of children's clothing and snatches up vintage handkerchiefs aprons and linens wherever we go. I'm sure she'd have a field day at Victoria's house!

brandianndesigns said...

man, i love vintage stuff. but i find it so hard to USE it! i just want to collect and keep it and keep it and keep it. but i have to think - would the original designer have wanted it to just sit around? or would they want something great to be made from it?

i think something great! but still, i have piles and piles

Anonymous said...

I just found your blog (Thank god for StumbleUpon).

And I'm loving it. We both used the same font four our header images. It's cute, huh?

I'll be visiting/commenting more in the near future. Good work.

Anonymous said...

i love calender towels! i have several but am not quite sure what to do with them. . .so i use them for what they were made for. . .except for one special one

lisa solomon said...

i'm going to have to sneak across the bay and steal some of her fabric!

enredadera said...

Love this Blog!!!!

katelynjane said...

I just blogged about some vintage fabrics I got from my great aunt. Old fabric patterns are so different and's hard not to horde them, although maybe hording isn't such a bad thing!

Veronica said...

I have that vintage hand-towel with birds on it! My mom got it for me either at a yard sale or the thrift store.... I love it so much! Its one of my favorite things. That's so weird/cool that its on your blog. :D