art school girl: asg editions (letterpressed art)

art school girl has a new project in the making: ASG Editions: ART FOR SALE. for this project Art School Girl takes on the role of publisher to 12 hand-selected fresh talents. each artist will create an original piece of art to be letterpress printed, signed and numbered in an edition of 125. a new print will be revealed on the first of each coming month, today they are premiering both january & february pieces. also loving her valentines cards!

#1. January by: Amy Jean Rowan (above)
#2. February by: Sun Young Park (below)

Upcoming Artists:

Ryan Thurlwell
Dave Menard
Ann Moffett
John Vogle
Nako Okubo
Molly Carter
Esther Ramirez
Andrea Everman
Dawn Hancock
Drew Garza

Jan Halvarson


Joanna Goddard said...

those heart pockets are SO cute! xo

Kelly Lynn Jones said...

yay for amy!! the editions will be sold on little paper planes too!!