joe & josephine

an installation at made design (they always have the best stuff) is now running to february 2nd by joe & josephine. a new design collective out of toronto is exploring the small and sometimes overlooked areas of our homes. from the environment of a small room they present the most personal and meaningful of useful objects.

joe & josephine is a collective that brings seven young designers together as they work across the disciples of cermaics, fibre, industrial design, jewelry and printmaking. all recent grads from ontario college of art and design they are, caroline arsenault, andrea cormier, jessica johnston, kristen johnston, kristen lim-tung, heather mcgaw, katherine morley and andree wejsmann.

1. Cozy light by Heather McGaw and Caroline Arsenault
2. Stick Collection Necklace by Heather McGaw
3. Do What You Will Do quilt by Heather McGaw
4. High and Treacherous Seas by Kristen Lim-Tung
5. Overdue Books by Andrea Cormier
6. One of Many Occasions Vases by Katherine Morley
7. Containers by Jessica Johnston

joe & josephine
on to feb 2/08
867 dundas st. west, toronto, ontario M6J 1V6

Jan Halvarson


Babelfish said...

Great designs, loving the quilt + 6&7 especially.

lisa solomon said...

nice nice nice.
i too am loving that quilt