etsy pick of the day - one year old

i can't believe it's been a year since i started etsy pick of the day. it's interesting how it evolved and subsequently how in turn we started poppytalk handmade because of it. it has been an interesting experience picking something out from etsy each day (mon to fri) and somewhat took a form of discipline i haven't been used to in a while. (what was interesting to see was how quickly the things picked sold)! in recognition of the year i thought i'd do a little list (getting my idea from a great listmaker), of some of my favorites. i've also decided to take a break from daily etsy picking for a while (a hiatus let's say), however will continually be bringing my finds of handmade goodness through regular posting until the urge returns.

1. linocut antique chair by rainy prints
2. twiggy by reckon
3. high seas by supercapacity

4. photo collage by holajed
5. elephant valentine by papered together
6. vespa mug by circa ceramics

7. keep calm poster from lucaslepola
8. little sack belly by creative thursday
9. knitware by alyssa ettinger

10. vintage face print by dallas shaw
11. songbird cross-stitch pins by redroostercraft
12. vintage child's chair, the goody gallery

13. wooden stones print by small stump
14. faux bois tote by somethings hiding in here
15. birch bark tubes from small stump

16. burden print by cole gerst
17. best wishes + wishbones by somethings hiding in here
18. hello morocco from yellow canoe

19. half nine by aptrick
20. pile of wood print by geninne
21. judy and the dream of horses by the black apple

Jan Halvarson


SeƱorita Puri said...

I LOVE the circa mugs. I love big thick mugs, speaiclly those with the pop designs. Just posted you and the mugs in my blog btw.

Susy said...

lovely finds...and really pretty groupings.

i'm constantly amazed and inspired by the artists on etsy.

Unknown said...

What beautiful finds!

bettyninja said...

Oh that vintage childs chair made my heart sing when I saw it. Oh darn it is so great. I have one very funky modern childs chair that needs a friend. I will have to keep looking around

Karina Cifuentes said...

My heart melts when I see an elephant.

she planted a tree said...

i like 1-8 A LOt! and 19-21 a lot a lot.