collecting: arounna khounnoraj of bookhou design

image 1 plates designed by renoma paris - manufactured in japan by maebata

image 2 made by a quebec company called ceramique ERS (no website) I buy items every year at the one of a kind show

image 3 made in norway - Lotte and turi-design

image 4 made by a quebec company called ceramique ERS (no website) I buy items every year at the one of a kind show

i was interested to see what toronto's arounna khounnoraj of bookhou design collected. this has been a fascinating and learning project for me, finding out about designers/artists tastes as well as getting background on their coveted pieces. arounna and her husband have such amazing taste and are so skilled in their fields, that i knew whatever she collected i would admire. i also love the idea that these pieces she collects they use everyday. here are arounna's answers to my questions:

why you collect these items and how your collection started?
I started out working in ceramics - first throwing an then doing ceramic sculpture. The collection started growing from trading with other ceramic artists.

how do you display them or would like to display them?
A lot of the pieces I have are used as part of everyday - so they don't have a specific way they are displayed - they are amongst shelves, counters and tables- it's important to me to use them and to be able to see them. Most are used for eating out of and some are used as storage containers.

what are your favorite pieces in the collection, is there anything unique?
The images I submitted are among my favorites - I think what they have in common is that there are drawn images and have patterns that are natural and botanical. I feel those images inspiring to my own textile designs.

what piece are you most looking for, and what piece would complete your collection?
I am always on the look out for the Norway ceramics such as Lotte. I feel their simplicity and linear line drawings very lovely. I am coveting work from Karin Eriksson and also work from Nathalie Lahdenmäki and I am also a big fan of Heath ceramics

besides this collection, if you could collect anything in the world, what would it be?
I wish I can afford to acquire more furniture from mid-century. We have a few pieces, but lucked out on the prices and they required lots of elbow grease.

Jan Halvarson


Anonymous said...

A stunning collection, I love every piece! (thank you for conducting such a fantastic interview)

Jennifer said...

Thanks for this interview. Very interesting comments -- especially on displaying. I really like Image 2.

lisa solomon said...

i love the variety!!