chip kidd on graphic design

found this link via door sixteen today and found her post and the thread that followed it very interesting as well as the video. if you're interested in book design, or even inspiration from it, this is an interesting clip and post.

Jan Halvarson


simone said...

Wow, you wouldn't imagine that singing voice would go with his face! I really like hearing from established designers gives me more motivation and hope that it won't be all client first, all the time.

Ward Jenkins said...

I saw Chip talk at The Portfolio Center in Atlanta about a year and a half ago (that long ago? wow, time really flies) and he was both hilarious and inspiring. If you ever have the opportunity to hear him talk, please do so. He has some great stories to share, along with some of his goof-ups. And from what I hear, he changes it up constantly, never the same speech twice.

Robot Johnny has written about Chip here.

Melissa said...

I'm going to see him speak in Philadelphia at the library on Valentine's Day. Can't wait!!