trend no. 7 - neo classical: {canadian h&h 2008 trends issue}

this is the trend i mentioned about in my first post about canadian house and home's '08 trends issue which sort of scared me. perhaps it was the colors picked for the inspiration page (see above photo for h&h); the hues yellows, blues and blacks; (maybe not the trend as much as the colors). some pieces that attract me are the silhouettes (portrait ones); the grecian patterns, and the idea of fun colors used with them. here's a few items i found around with this theme in mind; (above mirror from anthrolpologie):

doily girl framed print by trace my face

chairs by draga obradovoic

apollo linen pillow by thomas paul

vintage neoclassical style boudoir lamps from paris hotel boutique

leafy shade rug, anthropologie

Jan Halvarson

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Paris Hotel Boutique said...

Thank you for the mention! I actually LOVE that photo of the Neoclassical items in Canadian House & Home. Although the colors are a bit bright for my taste too, I am a huge fan of Neoclassical. Wishing you a wonderful 2008!