trend no. 4 - granny chic: {canadian house and home 2008 trends issue}

this has been fun this past week posting on the 2008 trends issue from canadian house and home. and i still can't believe there's still seven more i still have to cover. next up. "granny chic". the doilies are still showing up after a long haul on the circuit and this time are being matched up with things like crochet square throws in bright vibrant candy colors, pop art portraits and dainty floral patterns. and to start off with it i spotted these esther derkx improved crockery platters & tea cups at reform school (above image).

mushroom pincushions by cathy of california at reform school.

when i think of doilies, i automatically think of lisa solomon and her doily work and this beautiful print, "a bed dreams a blue doily dream".

crochet square throw from pine cone hill.

1905 wing chair from the pine cone hill collection (as seen in h&h).

vänna mirror from ikea (as seen in h&h)

Jan Halvarson


AshleyL. said...

oooh! thank you so much for sharing ms. solomon with us! her work is fabulous! ill have to check her link for more great pieces of work! i also really want those cups and saucers! you should check my site for other amazing artists! merry christmas! : )

Anonymous said...

Gorgeous products!! Recently, I bought very nice Cobalt Blue Glassware from VermontCountry store at very reasonable price through

lisa solomon said...


bring on the grandma-inspired stuffs!!