re-cap & trends 9 & 10 - {canadian house & home 2008 trends issue}

i'm going to speed up on the last two posts of 2008 trends i was posting about prior to christmas (to be honest, it's getting a little tiring/boring?) and even though i'm not exactly sold on the trend thing, (i'm more of the "do what you love" school - when it comes to design); i still like to highlight what's out there (from a canadian point of view); for inspiration, and as kate bingaman-burt says, "in order to design for culture, you must be aware of it". so that said, here's a fast capture of the top 10 trends for 2008 as picked by canadian house and home:

1. forest
2. jewel box
3. casino
4. granny-chic
5. modern baby
6. fair trade
7. neo-classical
8. root vegetable
9. global textiles (see below)
10. hot & cold (see below)

trend no. 9 - global textiles:

fabrics from the international bazaar, representing morocco and peru, malaysian pillows, navaho rugs and suzani wall hangings from central asia (all placed within white walls). (image below from canadian h&h trends issue): photo by michael graydon

trend no. 10 - hot & cold

a variation on the metallic theme, with new vibes from warm colored metals paired with cool hues like lavender, corals and lemon. metals mixed with each other. (image below from canadian h&h trends issue): photo michael graydon

Jan Halvarson

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AshleyL. said...

oooh! i really like this post! especially the section on Global Textiles. on a recent trip to India I couldn't help but ooooh and ahhh at all the gorgeous designs! thanks for inspiring me, i'll have too look up textiles from other country's now! :)