fragiles, porcelain, glass & ceramics

local vancouverite, laura mckibbon whom i've posted about many a time here is included in what looks like an amazing show that just opened up this week in miami called fragiles, "an eclectic collection of contemporary porcelain, ceramic and glass objects by a new wave of designers who are manifesting their creative visions out of fragile materials. fragiles presents over fifty innovative objects that expand and challenge our notion of these classical materials and centuries of tradition by simultaneously exploring a new aesthetic approach and technological boundaries. from experimental and avant-garde to evocative retro-inspired reinterpretations, these cutting-edge examples indicate how visual culture and high tech production processes are influencing and reshaping this delicate territory in pioneering ways."

(malin lundmark, teacup lamps)

(mimi joung, imperial)

(maxim velcovsky, blue onion collection: ornament & crime)

Jan Halvarson


swanklighting said...

I love all these things. Taking such an old art as ceramics and reinventing it with these new ideas is so refreshing and inspiring.

ink and ginger said...

That teacup lamp just made my day.

Michelle said...

I have a small collection of teacups and it is wonderful to see how they can be re-imagined into something completely different. So lovely and clever!