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since it's friday, photobooth friday, and since i came across this photo booth furniture (via the dwell blog) from at design miami, i thought it only appropriate to mention it. apparantly it's designer, joseph heidecker is inviting passersby to help make his furniture by having their photos taken in a photo booth. he then memorializes them by plastering the images on second-hand furniture.

also at dwell, these design leader video series (below) - just click on the player. featuring inspiration from some of the most innovative designers in the industry, from landscape architect andrea cochran to prefab architect michelle kaufmann to co-housing expert kathryn mccamant to airstream designer christopher deam. interesting perspectives from a full spectrum of design disciplines.

Jan Halvarson

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Ward Jenkins said...

Very cool project. I think we all need photobooth furniture! Make for some interesting conversations.

Poppy! How's it going? Haven't been by in a while. Wow. Great links! I'll have to subscribe to your feed now.