trend no. 1 - forest: {canadian h & h: 2008 trends issue}

canadian house and home's january "trends" issue is out which is usually a good read. last year they blew me away with their issue. this year's forecast, isn't as exciting and i don't see alot of new products (like last year), but there's still a few that inspire (and one that scares me). here's the first in their list (stay tuned for more this week):

Trend No. 1 - Forest: wood grains, tree/twig style furniture, owls, mushrooms, moss (nothing new here, wood grains still prominent, more graphic than literal). i searched out a few good examples (see below) including two of theirs (the thomas paul wood-grain stationery & oly vincent half-round table):

small stump's log village print

new growth print by groundwork

oly studio's vincent half-round table (as seen in h&h)

mossy log contianer, small stump

tamar mogendorff mushroom from rose and radish

thomas paul stationery (as seen in h&h - photo from h&h - michael graydon)

coe & waito's owl lamp, available at made design.

Jan Halvarson


lisa solomon said...

bring on the cute forest! :)

Anonymous said...

this post is near and dear to my heart. thanks - i love all that stumpy, woodsy, mushroomy goodness!!!!

rachel. said...

I'm loving these posts on the trends. Do you have a scan of H&H's actual page, like you posted with the Jewel Box and Casino?? Thanks!