vintage + recycled goods at phm

i'm loving some of the vintage and recycled goods in the market right now. like this vintage scarf and hemp reversible bedcoverings from ouno design

mod hotplate from deadbird finds

fur lifejacket made from percent recycled genuine mink from ouno design

trophy deer construction made from rescued wood by dolan geiman

large black globe from blue bell bazaar

Jan Halvarson


Anonymous said...

hi poppy,
thanks for your great posts! i'm trying to find this black globe on blue bell bazaar but don't see it...any tips, or do you have a link i could follow?

Jan Halvarson said...

oh no - it was there when i posted. she must've replaced. if you wish i can contact her for you.


Anonymous said...

thanks for the offer, jan! i just emailed her myself and the globe's already been sold. thanks for replying, though, and have a great friday. :)