tea revives you

a few new prints have been added to keep calm recently. "tea revives you" is the latest addition, inspired by a 1930's ad slogan which they've revived. printed in two colours. they are also working with the fantastic illustrator and graphic designer jason snyder. his first screen print 'van gah' is from a limited edition of 25. and apparantly there's more to come from jason and them in the future.

Jan Halvarson


Jay said...

lol so they r saying tea can save me on my deathbad?
~Jay's World

lisa solomon said...

will they EVER not do something cool? it's always so good!

Aesthetic Outburst... said...

I almost bought this print for my husband yesterday. Well...maybe not just for him. :) I love it! I couldn't decide between this one or the red one though.