the handmade holiday gift guide (part 1)

after taking the handmade pledge earlier this month, i thought i'd do a "handmade gift guide" to go with it. with so many amazing artists/designers/craftspeople coming out of the woodwork, poppytalk continues to support and dedicate the importance of handmade. here's part one of the guide:

1) frost print by catia chien, $50.00
2) raven linen pouch, cedar seven, $20
3) floating saucer ring by colleen baran, $54

4) vintage screenprinted purse by showpony, $16
5) bag of animals, bookhou design, $45
6) autumn squirrel notebook, cabin +cub, $6
7) porcelain knitwear demitasse cups, alyssa ettinger, $50

8) shield stationery, somethings hiding in here, $6
9) wood ring, somethings hiding in here, $25
10) alpaca wool knit fingerless gloves by tickled pink knits, $27
11) anatomica arm bracelet, paraphernalia, $22

12) handprinted hankie, stiksel, $7
13) hand painted hanging planter, ola design, $25
14) hand felted wool fall trees by papaververt, $62
15) green bamboo notebook, jengs shop, $7

16) redstart & chickadee mixed media collage by lisa congdon, $210
17) coat of arms necklace, tilly bloom, $22

Jan Halvarson


lisa solomon said...

eek my head hurts. too many good possibilities!

Kelly said...

I took the handmade pledge too - thanks for the great ideas!

kayla said...

thanks for compiling this list. i love everything you've chosen.

ColleenBaran said...

Thank you for including me on this lovely list!

Papaver Vert said...

I'm honored to be on your list - Thanks so much!

Anonymous said...

looking forward to seeing more of your handmade gift guide! cheers!

arounna said...

many great selections - the prices are also good. thanks Jan!