eciad student art sale highlights (part two)

(above) ceramic vase (Juliana Greaves) - (detailed images below):

(below) - artist unknown:

(below) - vkb (initials)

(two below) - clp (Chelsey L. Pas)

(below) - quilt - (Aleah Dunfield)

Jan Halvarson


Jess said...

love those chair prints!

Fiona Cartolina said...

wow - fantastic posting Jan - really enjoyed looking at all those beautiful pieces. It's so inspiring to see the work of the "newly conceived" at ECIAD. I want to see more!

Chuck & Aline said...

Poppy. Thanks for all the great photos of our work! The Top ceramic vase is a Juliana Greaves. The Chairs are a screenprint series by Chelsey L. Pas. The blanket is by Aleah Dunfield.

Anonymous said...

that quilt is marvelous!

Chuck & Aline said...

Oh! And the lace painting is Marianne Chenard!