a visit to the gallery of bc ceramics

i made a fast visit to gallery of bc ceramics this weekend where i noticed a few beautiful pieces from local potters, kathleen murphy (vases above); i'm loving the muted colors and shapes, maggi kneer (floral pieces below) - who's work reflects nostalgia for her childhood days of afternoon teas with her grandmother and the bottom photo featuring a poppytalk favorite, laura mckibbon. thanks to gallery manager, brenda beaudoin for letting me take these photos!

Jan Halvarson


ColleenBaran said...

Yes, Maggi Kneer's work is wonderful! I had a table next to hers at a fair last year and found myself very tempted by so very much of it.

lisa solomon said...

oh so nice.... i wish i could go there!!

blah said...

The pink & green ones are so pretty - lovely post!