affordable art at poppytalk handmade part 1

i thought i'd do an affordable art post from the new poppytalk handmade virtual street market. starting with this like crystal, like coral original painting on vintage hardback book cover by olivia jeffries (above). $80

morpho pins print by lush bella. $25

in the current, original woodcut print by azure grackle. $65

wood type collage print by green chair press. $15

red maples by wolfie and the sneak. $15

hiding gelatin monotype on board by susan schwake. $50

Jan Halvarson


Wolfie and the Sneak said...

Hey Jan, Thanks for the mention!
I'm continually impressed by Poppytalk Handmade, every time I visit I get sucked in to checking out more stuff, what a terrific selection of artists!! Congrats on such a wonderful job! said...

Wonderful selection of printmakers here - very nice work, some of which I hadn't seen yet. Bravo.

Kerry Pitt-Hart said...
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Kerry Pitt-Hart said...

thank you jan for the mention! and thanks to both you and earl for all your hard work on PHM!

Valerie Moss said...

Hello, just surfed by. Beautiful stuff! Congratulations on your 'blogs of note' status.
Val x