table lamps on a budget

design*sponge has scoured the web for affordable lighting to fit everyone's budget and written up a guide on her posts at house and garden this past week. check out her post here and for more guides here.

Jan Halvarson


Anonymous said...

Dear Poppy, I love your talent, your sense of style and your inventive, imaginative taste! However, one thing I love a little less about your blog is your propensity for orthographic typos and grammatical errors. I'm a snob, I know, but to me these little errors are like wall paint on the molding. If you edit a bit more closely, your prose will be as beautiful as your elegant images and ideas!

"Scoured," not "soured."

Also, "must-sees" not "must sees," and "there ARE a couple more days," not "there is a couple more days,"; Likewise, it's "this bag of animals," not "these bag of animals."

Finally, it's "woven leather," not "weaved leather."

Just trying to help. I wonder if English is perhaps your second or third language . . . if that is the case, then your command is of course excellent (and certainly better than my French!)

Jan Halvarson said...

Dear Anon,

How embarrasing! Thanks for your kind words regarding my sense of style and taste, and huge apologies for all my typos!

I think what we're talking about here is my fast typing fingers and all the crazy things going on around me in the background.

So I will try my best to do my duty to not offend.

Thanks for the tips and thanks for visiting!