paris fall 2007 (colors & things)

(A display of metal containers (suitcases)

i enjoy reading three layer cake's write-up's on the design fairs she visits overseas. and so when she dropped me a note about maison et objet i hopped right on to her link to read up on what was happening in the city of lights on the design front. with respect to color she reports, "producers propose soft and hard, black and white, pastel and primary. black and white (together, not either or) remains strong. and in fact, the combination might just be here to stay. the berry family, starting with soft pink and moving to mauve and deeper cranberry are ever present, as are the greens from pale green, to lime, chartreuse, and kelly. the brown/grey family is represented by chocolate and putty. the blues are baby blue, cornflower, aquamarine, royal blue, and well...just plain blue. bright yellow, primary red, and light grey also make appearances. and of course the silver and gold accents aren't missing."

(Patrick Bailly chose primary colors for his oil can chairs.)

kristina also wrote to tell me forecasters say...PAPER (among other things) is in... surprise surprise!! we've been seeing that trend for a bit now, but noticed that as well as wood, flexible resin (silicone), faux hair, and crystals being some of the buzz words. for more on that visit her posts here and here. thanks kristina!

(crystals on every surface, from tiny gilttery ones (notice buttons) to big huge ones (hanging lamps). By D'Argentat )

(Carla Tennenbaum's paper chair appeared in Elizabeth Leriche's trend path on SCRAP)

Jan Halvarson

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