leigh wells on etsy

i found this beautiful hand lettering global guitar print from san francisco-based illustrator, leigh wells up on etsy today. also these beautiful companion pieces illustrated on a book page with single rough edge, mounted on slightly larger piece of brown paper. so exciting to be able to purchase some of her beautiful hand lettered work!

leigh wells etsy shop

Jan Halvarson


sfgirlbybay said...

aaah, jan...you beat me to it!! ;)

leigh is a friend and we were talking last night about her opening an etsy shop. you are fast, girl - i can't believe how quickly you found her!

her work is lovely!

Jan Halvarson said...

oh - i just lucked out and was on when she was uploading i think. so cool one can purchase these online now!

largehearted boy said...

Her work is amazing, I picked up one of the pieces for my wife today.