electric wig promo bag

love this promotional bag idea from electricwig (who are tim denton and johanna van daalen of belfast). the idea that the bag would have a life after it gets home. the inside of the frame print can be removed to create a picture frame for images or objects.

Jan Halvarson


Anonymous said...

oh love that bag!! Darling.

andrea said...

ah, this is great. also, I think it would be a fabulous prop in the photobooth. :)

andrea said...

dear poppytalk,
love your blog! it's by far my favorite. with these bags you further prove you find the coolest stuff that is out there to find!!
looked everywhere on your site for an email link to let you know i'm a big fan and i blogged your blog on my blog (yay blogs). check it out here: www.birdlette.blogspot.com

lisa solomon said...


Anonymous said...

love it.